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Cognitive Functioning & Intellectual Assessment

A cognitive assessment uses a standardised test to assess different facets of a person’s thinking ability, commonly referred to as intelligence. 

The results provide an understanding of the person’s:

  • Overall intelligence quotient (IQ)

  • Profile of cognitive/problem solving strengths and weaknesses, whether visual or verbal

  • Speed of information processing

  • Working memory abilities

A cognitive assessment involves:

  • A 90minute interview to gain background information to assist in interpreting test results

  • Rapport building session with the child (not required for adults)

  • Two hours of testing, either in one block, or over two sessions

  • A one hour feedback session to learn the results of testing and the recommendations arising from the results

  • Scoring, interpretation and report preparation by your psychologist (2-4 hours)

Should intellectual impairment be indicated by the test results, further testing is required to determine if the person meets diagnostic criteria for intellectual disability.

This testing involves a further hour of testing with a caregiver, rather than the person themselves, and a further hour of scoring, interpretation and report preparation by your psychologist.

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