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About Us

Embracing differences. Celebrating diversity. Collaborative and inclusive mental health services enabling our clients to live their most amazing life.

Our Philosophy

At Happy Brain we use a client centered approach using therapies such as Expressive Therapies, Strengths Based, Narrative and Solution Focused Therapies.


We truly partner with the individual as well as their support system which may include family members, school teachers and anyone else that may be important to therapeutic success. Most importantly your goals and what is important to you is the centre of everything we do.


We aim to mindfully listen and be present through the ups and downs of life but most of all we value the therapeutic partnership and pay careful attention to matching clients with the right therapist.


So yes, we invest in getting to know you because trusting us to help you or someone you love is the foundation of any good therapeutic outcome.

Meet our team

Our team includes a diverse range of registered mental health professionals who provide psychology, counselling and assessment services for children, adolescents, adults and families. We offer in clinic services, telehealth, and mobile outreach to schools and homes.

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