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National Disability Insurance Scheme

At Happy Brain we use a client centered approach using therapies such as Expressive Therapies, Strengths Based, Narrative and Solution Focused Therapies.

We truly partner with the individual as well as their support system which may include family members, school teachers and anyone else that may be important to therapeutic success.

Happy Brain is not a registered provider with NDIS.

To use your NDIS funding for our psychology and counselling services, you will need to be NDIS self-managed or plan managed.

Happy Brain is not a registered provider with the NDIA and therefore not regulated by its provider policies. However, the NDIA can approve the use of funds for clients accessing psychological or counselling services from Happy Brain if your plan is approved through a “Self-Managed” or “Registered Plan Provider” process.


Please note that it is not possible to use your NDIS funds for psychological services at Happy Brain if you have an “Agency Managed” (NDIA) plan.

To use your NDIS funds to access our psychology and/or counselling services please review the information outlined below.


Meet our diverse range of registered mental health professionals.

Key points to consider

  • We require payment for the psychological/counselling consultation before or on the day of the appointment.

  • Payment of fees is the responsibility of the client – the client must arrange their own reimbursement of funds with the NDIA or Registered Plan Provider after the psychological/counselling consultation is complete.

  • Depending on the maximum amount determined by your NDIS Plan for psychology/counselling appointments, there may be an out of pocket expense that is the responsibility of the client to pay.

  • If the Registered Plan Provider has not paid the amount owing prior to, or on the day of the appointment, the outstanding amount will be invoiced to the client for payment, not the Registered Plan Provider.

  • Sessions can be pre-approved with the Plan partner to ensure that payment can be made at the time of the consultation.

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