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Join the Happy Brain team

About Happy Brain
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What we stand for

  • Mutual Respect between clients and practitioners -we partner with our clients on their journey towards wellbeing

  • We value diversity of thinking and acceptance of all differences (cultural, religious, LGBTIQ+, neurodivergent thinking etc)

  • We adopt a culture of fun, passion and commitment to our clients

  • We value self-care and clinician wellbeing

Why working for us is different

  • We have fun with quarterly team days funded by Happy Brain to ensure our team connect outside of work - we are kinda like a big family

  • We actually care about self-care and offer a yearly wellbeing course for 8 weeks with Thomas Hija - leading expert in holistic well-being funded by Happy Brain

  • We catch up monthly for group supervision hosted by leading experts in Neurodiverse Affirming Practices

  • Happy Brain will support clinicians towards certification or training in area of specialisation

  • Access to a huge clinical library with access to comprehensive clinical resources

  • Full administration and diary management so you just focus on the therapeutic work

What we are looking for in a HB team member

  • You may identify as being neurodivergent or perhaps you are neurotypical at HB we want team members that truly embraces their authentic self or is on the journey towards this

  • We value clinicians that enjoy collaborating with their peers for a coffee or chat to debrief when needed

  • We value a fun, spirited individuals who have their own therapeutic approaches that align with their personal strengths

  • We value team members that invest in supervision and professional development and show a commitment towards ongoing learning

  • All of our team members adopt a neurodiverse affirming model that is trauma informed so this a key part of being part of the Happy Brain Family

If you’re interested in joining the Happy Brain family we’d love to hear from you! Please send your CV and cover letter to

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