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What are the benefits of Telehealth?

Long waitlists of up to 6 months to see a psychologist or mental health professional is a major issue for people needing help right now and are missing the opportunity to get assessed to help gain access to the right supports.

Why Telehealth?

  • Avoid sensory overload of busy wait rooms;

  • For busy parents the logistics of getting to and from appointments can be difficult and is some cases impossible; 

  • Clients report feeling more comfortable to do therapy in their place of comfort;

  • Clients have more control over their therapy environment i.e., can turn video off for those that find this too intense and distracting from the work they are really there for;

  • Telehealth allows practitioners to observe our clients natural environment giving us a glimpse into their real world which can help us understand them better;

  • It can be easier to take an extended lunch break at work than take time off to attend an appointment, making telehealth more accessible;

  • See a practitioner that has expert knowledge that can actually make a difference in your wellbeing

At Happy Brain we offer clients evidence based practices to help our clients live their best lives. We have immediate availability for telehealth services please contact us at to book in a complimentary 15-min call with our intake team.

What Happy Brain Offers

  • Secure Video Platform to conduct telehealth services from the comfort of your own home

  • Trauma Focused Therapies such as EMDR (Yes we can do EMDR virtually!) 

  • Diagnostic Assessments 

  • Therapy for Trauma

  • Therapy for Anxiety & Depression

  • Support for Parents 


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